• Personal Support
  • High Quality
  • Low Maintenance Req.
  • Ongoing IOT Integration
  • Low Material Wastage
  • Legal compliance

Addition of more materials related to Pervoskite Solar Cell fabrication.

Estimated Time: 2 Months

Four Point Laser based Realtime Thickness Control monitors the film thickness during the coating process and ensures high quality thin films with precise thickness.



why us?

Our technology has been successfully showcased on several platforms and was successfully used in Laboratory for Integrated Nanomaterials and Biophotonics, Dept. of Physics, IIT Roorkee. to make Jamun Solar Cells:   ​​LINK

The Spin Coater comes fitted with a 1.8 inch display that shows real time parameters and helps in monitoring the coating process!

patented technology

An elegant design with  3d printed parts ensures the durability of the device. Further, the parts are coat-ed to be chemical resistant and stain proof!

IOT based Mobile App for easy inputs and remote control.

Estimated Time: 6 Month



The technology has already been provisionally patented.


The device can be  trained  for certain commonly used materials and new materials can be added. So, your device gets better with use!